Past Activities

Cooperation with Siemenpuu Foundation to gather further funding for Outras Tribos future activities

As a private effort, artist Mikko Lipiäinen, together with the help of Regis Bailux provided interviews of Arná and Eyhnã Pataxó to be included in Siemenpuu foundation´s book about stories of indigenous communities around the world in order to gather funding for the future Outras Tribos activities. The interviews were partly in Patxohã, the almost extinct mother tongue of Pataxó people that has been revitalized by an enormous effort of a group of people including indigenous language teachers within the past 15 years. As a new association, the Outras Tribos would like to support this language revitalization work that is vital to the survival of Pataxó culture. In the following video example one of the teachers, Eyhnã Pataxó tells a legend of Amescla in Patxohã.

Fundrising for the initiation of Outras Tribos association 2013

The Outras Tribos was registered officially by the financial help of other associations and individuals. Before the registration process the founding members of the association made a video greetings for potential supporters. During that time the Outras Tribos was called Bailux which was then  decided to be changed to its present name in the registration process.

Bailux Association’s video greetings for future partners from raquel rennó on Vimeo.

Outras Tribos initiation was financed by the donation from Pixelache, Kurpitsaliike ry and Vihreä puolue among some individual supporters.  Angelo and Arna Pataxó from Outras Tribos made a cocár as a counter-gift that was given to the donators in Kurpitsatalo, Tampere, Finland 2014.IMG_4348