About Us


Outras Tribos is a cultural association formed by members of indigenous people Pataxó together with non-indigenous allies. Outras Tribos is based in Aldeia Velha reservation, Bahia, Brazil.

Varanda Cultural, a project organized by Outras Tribos was certified in 2015 as a social technology by Fundação Banco do Brasil. More info (in Portuguese) can be found on this link:


Our mission

To promote cultural, educational and socio-economical actions, aiming to preserve the environment and territories, to value culture and history, as well as a sustainable local development of traditional communities, in particular the indigenous ones, by the technology and digital media appropriation as a tool to build and share local knowledge, to democratize the access to communication and information, to generate work and income opportunities and to empower the traditional communities.

The members of the current board of the association

Arnã Pataxó – CEO


One of the indigenous leaders (women’s right), teacher at the School in Pataxó tribe of Aldeia Velha, BA in Intercultural Studies- IFBA – Porto Seguro, Bahia.

Angelo Pataxó – Supervisory Board


One of the indigenous leaders, teacher, Educator Licensing and BA in School Education for Indigenous People – LICEEI/UNEB – Bahia. Currently on the Board of Indigenous Education in the MuCity Hall of Porto Seguro, Bahia.

Helena Cassal Longo – Finance Manager

Helena_outras_tribos (1)

Born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul in 1959. Graduated in Psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Since 1990 she is settled in southern Bahia (Arraial D ́Ajuda). Helena works as an artist and social worker and has received many hornable mentions and prizes for her work developed with the community in the area of Bahia.


A.B. Regis – Supervisory Board


A. B. Regis was born in Jaragua, Goiás, in 1959 . He studied Architecture and Urbanism at the Catholic University of Goias and since 1982 lives in Arraial D ́Ajuda. He has been working as an artist and a textile designer and was awarded in three editions of the Regional Art Meetings of Bahia (1996, 1998 and 2000). A. B. Regis created Bailux http://bailux.wordpress.com a self-organized network, which proposes the deconstruction of technology for social change, an aesthetic and social initiative based in Arraial and articulated over the web.

Currently he ́s enrolled in Social Service studies at Unifacs.


Non-board members of the association

Raquel Rennó

Raquel Rennó is a digital culture researcher and a professor of the University of Reconcavo da Bahia, developing extension projects for technological appropriation in economical deficient areas in the last 5 years.

Gisele Costa

Gisele Costa is a social server with experience in working in NGOs in favelas in Rio and traditional communities for the last 20 years.

Goals of the Outras Tribos association

Main goals of the association are:

I – to promote integration, sharing and strengthening the relations between the Pataxós and other Brazilian Indian tribes

II – promoting actions related to traditional indigenous culture and the use and appropriation of free, recycled, recyclable technologies

III – to promote actions in favor of children, adolescents, adults and seniors seeking personal development, self-esteem enhancement, rescuing arts, history and local culture in the region

IV – to promote free education through courses and activities

V – to promote actions related to sustainable tourism and nature conservation

VI – to promote initiatives for democratization of the media, culture and technology by sharing information and knowledge

VII – the protection and conservation of cultural heritage through the use of digital technologies

VIII – to promote new socio-productive models and alternative systems of production, trade, employment

IX – to promote measures to protect and preserve the natural beauties and the ecological, artistic, cultural and historical heritages of Arraial D’Ajuda – BA;